Watching the Olympics Reduce Your Depression?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can Watching the Beijing Olympics Reduce Your Depression?

Michael Phelps referred to his mother as his true inspiration. And you can see the love in her eyes as she sits in the grandstands and watches her son. You can see his eyes search for her after he wins a race. Who in your life has shown you such devotion and love? If it wasn't your mother or if you have trouble thinking of someone in particular, you may begin to feel jealous or perhaps unloved. If you have problems with depression, you might even begin to feel worse.

However, you can also use this opportunity to help you reduce your depression by thinking about this example in a different way. This is a strategy for reducing the power of your depression even though none of the stress in your life has lessened. Search your own history for that one person who stood by your side and thought you were "the best." Remember a teacher, a grandparent, a coach or a kind neighbor. Remember someone who looked at you with love and devotion. If that person is no longer with you, don't fall into the trap of feeling lonely because they are gone. Instead, count yourself as one of the lucky ones to have been so loved. Focus on how that felt, to be loved. Try to remember the energy that comes from a relationship of love and devotion (like Michael Phelps and his mother). Think of how that energy can inspire you to "be the best you can be" today.

When your mood begins to flag, remind yourself of this once loving relationship. Again, bring back the pleasurable experience of feeling loved. Again, focus on the energy that comes from an inspiring relationship. Again, remember Michael Phelps-his strength, his vigor, his joy at seeing his mother's loving gaze. Imagine yourself having your own personal success.

Even if you are in a wheelchair, bedridden, weighed down by life stresses, overcome with sadness over a recent loss, or having severe financial problems, you can still recapture the energy of a loving relationship. Be the best you can be today and take pride in that. Find your true inspiration.

By Pamela Lipe, M.S. Licensed Psychologist
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That was a really exciting article which I determine to Discuss Here ..
The main point for me was that : " no body have to keep himself sad or jealous , while he can be blissful and feel loved person " ..
Every body of us have to ask himself the a question like that : " why I am keeping myself on the extent of the audience ? why I am not trying to be the one I am looking for ? "..
Well ..
We can name it a kind of idleness " spiritual ,mental idleness " , with the probability of being active, Exactly.. more active as I think ..
It's just like a cold war between needs and goals and just the weak person will keep falling on .. so bad to feel weak isn't it ??

By : Abo ..


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