Causes of Depression

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Depression is not occur by a single reason , frequently it proceed from a combination of things.

Depression is not only a state of mind and nothing more than this!, Whatever the cause. It is related to physical changes in the brain, and an imbalance related to a chemical signals in your brain and nerves.
These chemicals are hold as "neurotransmitters".

Some of the factors most common in depressions are as follows:

* The physical status. Serious medical conditions such as heart disease and cancer can lead to depression, because of physical weakness highlight them. Depression medical conditions may be worse because it weakens the immune system and pain can be difficult to bear. In some cases, depression may be caused by drugs for the treatment of diseases.

* changes in the circadian rhythm. The REM stage of sleep, in which dreaming happen, tends to be soon arrived, and especially intense, for depressed people. Although the precise relationship between sleep and depression is obscure , it appears to be strong among those whose depressive episodes are not taking place by unusual stress. In such cases, clients may be unaffected by therapeutics .

* Stress and shocks . like termination of a relationship, the financial problems, or death of a loved person . You can get depressed by changes in your own life, such as the engendering of a new workstation, the end of the school, or new marriage .
* History of the Family . Genetics plays an vital role in creating depression. It can be used in families for a generations.

* Pessimistic personality. People have little self and a negative view Outlook are subjected to a very high risk of being depressed. These properties by a low level of depression .

* Other disorders. Anxiety disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and drug abuse are expose to depression.


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