A Potential Cause And Solution To Depression

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have lately discovered a startling find which has assisted me to end rolled into bouts of depression. In this rebort, I write about this find which I trust will help other individuals to lead much better lives, free from anxiety and stress.

I am the type of individual who can easily allow things get on cover of me. If I am rushed about here there and everywhere by my family or friends, I am often left feeling very drained and exhausted. I am sure this is the same for many people but the way it affects me over the next twenty-four hours is somewhat different. I seem to lose all of my energy and this then can easily lead me into thinking in a very negative way, often ending with me becoming quite depressed.

For several reason this depression can continue and in a way haunt my life for quite a few days. I begin to worry about the future, start to think that I am a failure, start to become paranoid about what other people think of me and basically become scared to leave my own house.

I have spoken to my household and particularly my parents about this matter. They have advised me to seek help from a doctor. I must say that even though this would be good advice for most people, I feel that I am the kind of person who could become easily hooked and dependent on any tablets that would be described. I certainly do not want an addiction to add to my problems.

Potential solution to my depression

A few weeks ago I was watching a TV program which has since had a huge touch on my life. It was an army type program and it talked about how one particular group of soldiers had all seemingly become ill and could not even complete the most routine of tasks.

A doctor or some other case of medical person was called to their camp to investigate what was wrong. The first opinion was that it was likely to be some kind of food toxic condition.

The doctor actually told that the men had salt neediness and called for a large number of salt tablets to be purchased to the camp.

I considered this and wondered if this could be the reason of my own issues.

The next time I experienced I was becoming down or when I was over tired, I ate food products which contained a lot of salt and I am very happy to report that I quickly regained my energy and confidence levels. Such an easy solution to what was once such a huge problem for me.

If you are also the kind of individual who is often depressed try eating a bit more salt, it might just change your life.

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