Israeli Aggression and Palestinian Depression

Friday, March 6, 2009

Political violence causing depression among Palestinians
Political confusion and Israeli Aggression are taking an extravagant fee on the Palestinian people. A study conducted by a Consulting group in West Bank declared that92 % of the Palestinians contributors are suffering depression. The essential cause is ongoing assault in the region.
A study published by The Washington Times extracting the Near East Consulting poll discovered that there is a massive enlarge in people having anxiety among Palestinian. The newest research has found that there is a jump of about 100 percent since termination of 2005 in the quantity of those people under depression related to political confusion.
Aggression and political doubt have frustrated the social frame and the issue is fragmentation of the Palestine community. It is touching people of every age group in this society.
The research accomplished by the Near East Consulting was organized by the World Health Organization depression index and it considered the entire proper standard in social, economic and political fields, covering around eight hundred Palestinian people.
Such a psychological panic, stress and depression is adding more to the existing unrest among Palestinian. The psychoanalysts have often realized that such gloominess as widespread in the Palestinian people could merely lead to more political violence and general unrest. Which make people very much compelled to Fight for their human rightful issues!
One of the sayings was,
There is a high rank of disappointment. It is getting risky. There is not any worth to life. A lot of us believe the Authority of Palestine is irrelevant.
No matter what is the reason the people of Gaza and West Bank are under brutal psychological insecurity caused by enduring aggression and terroristic acts of Israel in the sacred area. The peace is a far vision and the Holy Lands is rotating into the most troubled area of the whole world.
I hope the massage is arrived now, I hope the closed eyes will open someday..

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