Women With Depression

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Depression In Women..

We can’t deny that there is a contact between Women and depression, 10 percent of women around the world are depressed.
Depression impedes women’s social life, as depressed women are usually lonely and avoid social gatherings, their personal life as their relationships with others especially the intimate ones grow colder and get disturbed and their professional life, as they just lose any desire of success.

Depression tends to attack women twice as more as men, perhaps because they are usually sensitive and emotional and don’t afford much pain.

A depressed woman has no interest in her favorite activities, she no longer enjoys life pleasures.
She blames herself all the time and feels guilty about everything, which may lead her to attempt to commit suicide.
She might feel that nobody likes her and she’s not anymore interesting.
She may also have problems with sleep, diet and concentration, impatience and feebleness.

Women’s depression may be due to many reasons as follows:

1- Biological reasons:
* Premenstrual disorders such as bloating, headache and pain all over the body.
* Pregnancy, such an exhausting experience burdens women, besides unwanted pregnancy burdens her even more. Miscarriage, as well, is a gloomy experience for most of the women. All this can cause depression.

2- Social reasons:
* A woman, sometimes, has to play many roles at the same time and as a result she feels burdened and fatigued.
* Physical & mental abuse a woman may be exposed to weigh down on her.
* Society may not give a woman her full rights, so she could feel low-estimated.
* A woman may not be satisfied enough about her relationships with others and that can make her feel lonely and unloved.
* Financial problems and poverty are other causes of depression.

3- Psychological causes:
* Puberty might make a woman disturbed and tense. A new body image may strian her as well.
* Coping mechanisms and stress respnose such as fast heart beats and headache.
* Illnesses burden women especially if they don't recover quickly.


Here is some briefly considered
ways for overcoming women depression 'with a RECOMMENDATION of specialized intervention before dealing with':

Anti-depressant medications.
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

Nutritious diet helps in treatment.
Exercise as well is vital in treating depression, it gives positive vibes and refreshes the spirit.

A depressed woman must try to be practical and help the medications function properly by removing any negative ideas and opening up to life. A woman needs support by others around her especially loved ones, and actually a lonely woman is more liable to have depression.


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