How to Overcome Severe Depression

Monday, August 9, 2010

Till today, there is no exact reason for why depression could be severe or normal. However, doctors and scientists are still doing a regular research to know for exact what is the real reason. Some of the causes that are believed to be the causes of depression are, Biological and genetic reasons. Apart from these stress and emotions also are the biggest reasons of depression. It is very difficult to get rid of depression when it is severe. There are so many types of depression that fall in the category of severe depression. Clinical depression, chronic disorders, bipolar disorders and major depression are some of the types of depression with severe symptoms. Depression with severe symptoms usually last for long time. Most of the treatment methods do not respond to severe depression. Here are the symptoms of severe depression :

1. Irritated, sad and angry mood all day.

2. Sleeping disorders Insomnia (conditions of sleeplessness) or Hypersomnia (conditions of over sleeping more than 20 hours a day) almost everyday.

3. Illusions, patient may hear sounds that a normal person does not. Inability to distinguish between reality and imagination.

4. Poor appetite as a result of which weight loss or weight gain.

5. Decreased interest in all the enjoyable activities.

6. Baseless feelings of illness.

7. Suicidal thoughts start developing in your mind, suicidal attempts by patient.

8. Inability to concentrate on even small things.

The best way to get over severe depression is to go for proper treatment at the right time. So many treatment methods are available to get over severe depression. One of the most commonly used methods are Medication, medicines and drugs are used in this form of treatment method. It is a good but not the best way to get over severe depression as there are so many side effects associated with it. The chance of relapsing with this type of depression is very much.

Psychotherapy is one of the best methods to get over severe depression. Psychotherapy responds very well to all forms of depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy are the best psychotherapy methods. Various mood swings and behavior of the patient is monitored, a specialist talks to the patient and looks at those things that are the reasons for depression in the patient. This method does not respond to all the patients.

ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) is also a very best method to get over severe depression. The best thing about this method is, it responds to those patients that do not respond to Medication and psychotherapy treatment methods. It is the fastest treatment method to get over depression. It is a bit expensive method as compare to the other methods. Those that have gone through this method have nothing to say against it. There are some fake rumors about ECT that it is not the best way to cure depression, that's the reason it is not as common as other treatment methods.

Other good method which could be done at home is to have a warm bath, classic music, have a daily workout and training as it is a proven way to convert your stress into a sweat, these methods are also proven and could give you amazing results if done in a regular basis.


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