How to Overcome Depression After having Divorce

Monday, August 9, 2010

When a relation ship between a man and a woman such as marriage ends, the feeling of depression in that period is not easy. Whatever the reason for the split, whoever was responsible or even whether you wanted it or not- it still hurts. Your world is turned upside down and you are washed by a plethora of emotions and feelings. Holding your own and getting through this difficult time will take you time and effort. But believe me, you can do it. In all the stress, anger and sadness, you have the opportunity to come out as a wiser, stronger person. The best way to do it is to fight depression naturally.

If you are facing divorce, you must know that it is totally uncharted territory. It not only represents the loss of a relationship, but also of shared commitments and dreams. The world around you is disrupted, from responsibilities and routines, your relationships with the extended family to your home, your friends and even your own identity. You will find yourself wondering: What if I don't find someone else and end up alone? What does the future hold for me? True, all these questions hurt, but if you still find yourself mourning after months have passed, its time for treating depression the right way. Here are a few ways you can cure depression naturally:

* Accept the fact that it's the end of your marriage: Once you accept the fact that your relationship is no more, it will become easier to deal with it. Understand that it is ok to have varied emotions such as anger, betrayal, sadness, grief, frustration and confusion. Anxiousness about what the future holds is also common. Acceptance of these feeling will help you to fight the depression. Even if your marriage was not happy, thinking about life without your ex can make you distraught.
* Convince yourself to take a break: You are not a superman or a superwoman, right? Accept the fact that you are going through a difficult time and will not be able to behave as you normally do. Your productivity at work, your congeniality with friends and family or your eagerness to do daily chores may not be as high as before. That is normal. Give yourself time to heal. Snapping out of divorce depression is not easy. But you will move on, with time.
* Share: You had a divorce alone. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to fight depression alone. For fighting severe depression arising out of divorce, you need all the love and support you can get. Don't shun family and friends at this time. Talk to them, go out with them and let them into your life. Joining a support group of people in the same situation as you is a natural cure for depression. Do not get isolated.

Divorce is hard even if the marriage wasn't successful. Getting over depression from divorce will take concerted effort from your side. Just be merciful towards yourself. Because, just time and love will help you beating depression.


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