Teenage Depression; 4 Things You Must Know

Monday, October 13, 2008

About Teenage Depression
Teenage depression is a real dangerous matter which attacks teenagers yearly.
It is often mistaken for normal growing pains and therefore mistreated, and that’s why it’s vitally important for you to observe the possible indications of teenage depression.

Here’s a list of tips helping getting through with this issue:

1- Significant symptoms to check, such as feelings of despair, withdrawl from people, low self-esteem, frenzies of rage, .. etc.

2- How long have the symptoms been existent. If they last for more than a fortnight,
This may be a sign of teenage depression, but if they occur intermittently, this is usually a sign of growing into adult. This is a normal thing in this life stage for a teenager starts to have a busy life: new friends, new interests, getting into puberty and attempting to find his own identity. All this may help making him more disordered but pay attention if it happens for long durations.

3- Intensity of the depression symptoms. intense and severe symptoms are to be paid more attention whereas less severe ones may impact many teenagers at times.

4- Behavior of the teenager. If it’s really more inconsistent with itself in the past, this has to be paid more attention.

Teenage depression is possible and may occur to any child, so every parent must not be carelss about this serious issue as this may lead to much complex impact on the child for prolonged time.


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