4 Tips To Overcome Depression

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Few Tips To Cope With Depression
Millions of people around the world struggle to overcome depression; so, if you feel Like that you are surely not alone.
Millions of dollars are spent every year in researches and studies about depression trying to minimize it’s bad effect on patients
These studies support the traditional way of therapy as psychological counseling and using antidepressants.....

Many depressed people found no relief for disorders of their mood in traditional therapy
Because of stop taking antidepressant for their bad side effects.
Doctors and experts found that there are alternative remedies that have helped people to overcome their depressive symptoms as supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal remedies, talk therapy and many other ways.
People are different so and what is active for one may be inactive for another,but all experts agreed that there is specific treatment that help against depression, these different remedies could help anyone who is struggling to pass depression safely as:

1- start taking supplements… many experts explain depression as an imbalance in chemistry of the brain, so we can fix it by having proper nutrition, this could help the brain and balance it’s chemistry and make you feel good.

2- Talk to someone…depression push peple to withdraw and be alone,so you have to find a supportive helpful person to talk to , don’t keep your feelings for yourself, just express it, this would help you and make you feel better.

3- Practice meditation …we found that this would help all disorders in people as mood disorders. try practice mediating several times a week and you will see the good result .

4- Walk 30 minuets a day…walking just 30 minuets a day could be effective as using antidepressants, walking for 30 minuets can lift your mood immediately.


Anonymous said...

Good tips. You wrote about mediation but I assume you meant meditation. I just started meditation a couple months ago. It's pretty easy really, the hardest thing is doing it is every day. There's a good blog called Furious Seasons (it's not mine), you'd probably like it.

Supporter said...

LOL, thanks Mentaldimensions for turning my eyes to such a funny mistake :).
I already did a correction.

Best Regards.

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