What should you do when you lose your appetite?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The with epidemic of obesity plaguing North America, it can come as a surprise to many that there are a number of people who suffer from excessive weight loss. There are many common reasons for this, including eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, depression, too much stress and anxiety. Of course, there is the possibility that someone who has a sudden loss of appetite could very well be suffering from a physical terminal illness; there are some people who have a sudden loss of appetite that are physically healthy, but do not feel that they are suffering from any kind of depression.

For anyone to be able to function properly, as well as be physically and mentally healthy, they have to eat enough to give their body what it needs in order to keep running. With nutrient deficiencies, the body can be open to more sicknesses and problems than if it had everything that it needed. The body is supposed to crave food in the form of hunger when it is running low on the fuels it needs. This is then supposed to lead a person to have something to eat. People who suffer from a loss of appetite seem to be missing this connection. Their body might be hungry, but their mind is not telling them that they should eat. Even if the person believes that they are mentally fit, not having a decent appetite is not normal. This can lead to worse problems that may eventually lead to depression or other eating disorders such as anorexia. Without enough food to fuel the body, a person can become fatigued, irritable, edgy and/or lethargic. Not having the appetite to eat enough means that something is not right. It could be that you might be a little overstressed, a little depressed; a loss of appetite is usually caused by something even if the individual doesn't believe so.

Someone who finds they are starting to lose weight, but don't understand why they don't feel hungry should seriously consider consulting a therapist sooner than later. If the problem is dealt with soon enough, this can reduce the amount of damage done to the body caused by a lack of proper nutrition. Someone with a concern like this can easily contact an online therapist from their computer at home. The consultation does not have to take place downtown in the therapist's or counselor's office. As long as an internet connection is obtainable, contact with the online therapist can be made. The online therapist can communicate with the patient and work to find out why this person would have such a loss of appetite as to cause a loss of weight. In most cases, the online therapist will be able to find the reason after communicating with the patient and will be able to help the patient find their appetite again. When the cause of the loss of appetite has been found and dealt with, the patient will usually start to get their appetite back.

by Jennifer Baxt



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