Do You Know What the Causes of Eating Disorders Are?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What are the causes of eating disorders? Well that is not as easy to answer as you think. There are many theories as to the actual causes themselves but there is no simple answer. Each person that suffers from one of these conditions may have some or all of the contributing factors present that contributes to the issue.

An eating disorder can consist of starving, purging or stuffing. Regardless of the exact causes of eating disorders, the individual should seek professional help as soon as possible.

In regards to anorexia nervosa, studies have found that over half the sufferers have genetic factors influencing the condition. One of the main causes of eating disorders is stress. People deal with stress in different ways. People with an eating problem, will turn to food when they are stressed. This is the case with binge over eating.

When some people are stressed or unhappy, they revert to eating comfort foods that are usually high in fat, sugar and calories. These foods seem to calm a person’s response to stress. Many people lead stressful lives and often they can encounter a problem with eating. Some personality type’s lead can lead to the causes of eating disorders.

People with obsessive-compulsive personalities or someone who is overly sensitive are prime personality types for a potential eating disorder.

Another study has determined that in the case of anorexia, the causes of eating disorders can be traced to genetics. If a woman's mother or sister has had this disorder then that woman is twelve times more likely to suffer from the same condition. In addition, they are four more times likely to develop bulimia as well.

Studies have determined that people with eating disorders have perfectionist like personalities. They expect too much from themselves and are very hard on themselves. They are always concerned with their weight. They are usually never on an even keel. Everything is either good or it is bad, never in between.

Other causes of eating disorders include family issues. Such as being smothered by an overprotective family. Some people feel abandoned by their family. Others feel that they are not loved and all alone. There are even parents that will place such overvalue on physical appearance that the child will develop an eating disorder. Another example is the parent that makes critical comments about their child, this is especially true for young girls who are easily drawn into placing overvalue on their appearance.

In conclusion, there are many causes of eating disorders. Regardless of the cause, it is very important that the individual afflicted seek medical attention as soon as possible.

by D. Karlson


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