Panic Attacks, Nausea - How Not to Lose Your Cookies

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Panic attacks, nausea is follow a major symptom during a panic attack. I personally have not experienced it, but I have a close friend who blows chunks during his panic attack episodes. My panic attacks are more about dizziness and losing consciousness, feelings of unreality.

Nevertheless, a panic attack is a panic attack, no matter what the symptoms. What's happening is occuring in you brain. And it's within the brain that we will find the answer to curing panic attacks, nausea and any other related symptoms.

When a panic attack happens, certain parts of your brain are over firing and certain parts are under firing. Quite simply, we are unbalanced. Thus panic attacks are called panic disorders, doctors can actually visually see the imbalances in many cases. So, how do we fight back?

Honestly, there are so many ways to fight back, it should give you great hope. Realize that you can totally beat this thing. You've just got to work at it a little. Anything in life that's good is worth fighting for and working for. So, dig in.

The first thing we can do for our brain's is give it the fuel it needs to balance itself out. And that means quite literally, you need to eat the right foods. Your brain needs protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. The best foods to provide these nutrients are meat, fish, eggs, flax seeds, green vegetables, and fruits. You can eat other foods, but emphasize the preceding foods for superior brain functioning. If you're vegetarian get a good protein powder.

You brain needs increased blood flow in order to balance all the different parts out. We can achieve this through cardiovascular exercise and deep breathing. Both methods bring tons of freshly oxygenated blood into the brain, flushing out stagnation and keeping you balanced and calm. The more exercise and breathing the better, but at least three times a week minimum is necessary.

Keeply your brain healthy is also done by keeping toxins such as caffiene, alcohol, and drugs out of the system. I can't emphasize enough how important this is to you. If you weren't having panic attacks I'd say go ahead have a cup of coffee or a few drinks, but you are out of balance right now and we need to get you back in balance. Maybe in a few weeks or months you can phase coffee or a beer back in but for now, let's concentrate on building your brain back up!

In addition to diet and exercise, I stumbled upon a wonderful program which trains your brain to completely shut off a panic attack.

It is absolutely worth your while to check out this tool, it's literally like having a safety net for your brain as you get better and better!

The author is completely recovered from panic attacks and enjoys sharing with others the things that have helped him get better.

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