Great Tips To Get Over Depression

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Depression is a very common illness today, due to fast and unmerciful life style many people get depressed very easily, however, there are some tips could help you overcoming depression very easily, here are some great ones:

1. Having self confidence and positive label to you yourself. Find back your self confidence is great start to overcome your depression and try to see you yourself with positive way. Then, how to make positive label? You must believe and convince yourself that you are awesome person, having good personality, having great skill, and you must rid negative thought to yourself and look back your successful.
2. Keep fighting and do not ever give up. Sometime, when depression comes in our life, our mind is covered by guilty feeling. Just calm yourself and try to think that there is still opportunity to fix it in the future. Don’t let your past follows your step, just forget it and look forward for your future. The past could not be changed and remember that the future is a golden chance. What you can do for this? First, try to make plan, what you must fix to overcome depress, second, re plan your goal, third make short goal as part of your long term goal. Those steps must be realistic. You can start from today by using resource you have and the place you live now. Avoid making unrealistic plan because it is not easy to reach it.
3. Limiting unsatisfied feeling. We know that depression comes from life’s pressure. Then, what make those pressures? Feeling not satisfied to your self has two effects, positive and negative effect but and it depend how to use it. Positive effect would build and encourage good satisfied feeling. It is because we need it to support us and give us more energy and spirit to look forward. Positive effect of depression could make us change, making new innovation, changing goal, improving skill, build positive character. It is better than you feel depression and blame other people.
4. Improving relationship. Sometime, we sink in the routine and forget to improve relationship. Relationship zone you must improve are; relationship to you yourself by self controlling, meditation and dialogue to you yourself; relationship to other; relationship to God.
5. Increasing tolerance. Sometime, we can’t tolerance what our fault while we demand perfection from other. Actually, we must try to build tolerance because it will improve our personality.

Just have your own decision, try some new activities, but focus on things you like. Don't try ever to look back what happened is already happened and you have all the future between your hands. Look forward . Believe in God.


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