Suffering Both Anxiety And Depression!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Depression and anxiety are a critical mixture that can direct to topical health dangers including suicide.

Definition of anxiety: Excessive frequent nervousness and worry lasting over 6 months.

Definition of depression: A feeling of intense sadness that may follow a recent loss or other traumatic event that last longer than normal.

Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health disorders. An estimated 10% of people who visit their doctors for what they think is physical problem are actually experiencing depression. But what if you have both depression and anxiety? Could this be possible to have both the number one and number two mental health disorders all wrapped up into one little package known as you? The answer is yes.

Let's Examine the main symptoms of depression and see if there are any relations between these symptoms and anxiety:

*Difficulty remembering
*Decreased productivity
*Decreased productivity
*Decreased productivity
*Guilt about the past
*Withdrawal from social activities
*Lack of enthusiasm for doing activities
*Low self esteem
*Low self confidence

With each one of the above depression symptoms a case could be made that anxiety was either the cause or a by product of that particular depressive symptom.

If you know anyone who needs help encourage them seek professional assistance, if only to talk about their situation.


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