The Key Would Be In Chocolate!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Try a chocolate to cope with depression

While we are using chocolate as an energy source, a research published in the "British Journal of Psychiatry" has discovered a relation between chocolate and mood lift.
Lovers of Chocolate every where have long associated the eating of chocolate, manufactured from the simple cocoa bean, with pleasure and enjoyment. On the other hand, investigators have found that it has a larger benefit and can make people — who are suffering from depression — less depressed.
It has been thought that Chocolate interrelates with some of the neurotransmitter systems that have an effect on mood. Particularly, it is believed that carbohydrate or especially chocolate passions correct a lack in the neurotransmitter, which is in supply in depressed people…….
Researchers believe it is the endorphins and opoids in chocolate which make people feel more relaxed. Due to the pleasure it offers, chocolate stimulates endorphin secretion thus procuring naturally the same effects as opium.
Chocolates release endorphins in the brain that acts as a pain reliever. It will boost your appetite without causing weight gain. It reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. It will make you live longer.
Besides sugar in chocolate reduces stress and enables you to have calm and pain relieving effect. On the downside, it is laden with fat and sugar, so of course excess of it is bad.
Always choose the chocolates that are from reputed brands. Cheap chocolates are usually low in chocolate solids and high in sugar content and saturated fats. These chocolates can be harmful to your health.
While it is too early for doctors to start prescribing chocolate for depression, this study does prove that it has tangible benefits in fighting mood disorders.


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