Sports: The best antidepressant!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Exercise to defeat depression
Do you rely on medications to see the world in good colors instead of shades of Depression and stress? Do you know exactly what is the cheapest and the best antidepressant?
Exercise which is the last thing on your mind you are anxious or depressed but research has revealed that even a few minutes of walk along the street could help you feel better.
The study found that women with depression who started a supervised exercise treatment had considerable improvements in their signs over the next 8 months. Those who didn't exercise showed only trivial progress.
A study was performed by Italian investigators on the effect of exercise on people who are depressed. About 30 women aged between forty and sixty who had been suffering from major depression were randomly assigned to cure with antidepressants alone or to take in exercise twice for eight months.It was found that women who do exercises showed significant progress in coping with depression when compared to those ladies who were just in medications.
It’s not a magic stick, but rising physical activity is a helpful and active strategy to help cope with depression and stress.

How does it help?
* Exercising when you are down firstly helps you get unfocused with that, as you concentrate on your exercises instead of life’s events.
* If you are out in a club or taking a walk, you get to interrelate with other people, which may lend a hand for you to forget your worries and to feel better when you know that you are not the only one having problems.
* Define the doings that you enjoy most or you are likely to give up the moment you overcome the depression.
Beyond that, people who take group exercise classes may feel better from simply getting out and being interact with people.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Exercise can help for sure but it is often difficult to get motivated when one is feeling low. The best relief for depression I think is being around people and feeling a sense of purpose and belonging. Depression is becoming a bigger problem because people spend too much time at work, with their mobile phones, TV, computers etc

J said...

Right, but try to think about mixing both approaches to gain much more coping not only with depression, but also with most of mental disorders.
sport + social aid = well being

Thanks for participation

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