Adult ADHD Symptoms

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It seems that so much of the information available about ADHD is about children with the disorder. What about those of us that get diagnosed as adults? More and more adults are learning that they have this disorder after their children are diagnosed or after their own life becomes unmanageable. Everyday life seems to be a struggle for many ADHD Adults and they can’t figure out why. It doesn’t help that there is so little information out there for adults with this disorder.

ADHD can affect every area of ones life causing life to feel difficult and stressful. Handling the many areas of ones adult life can be hard to do without the external structure and behavior regulation that was provided to you as a child by parents and teachers. The tasks of adulthood generally require more self-regulation and your deficits become more apparent. You may have difficulty finding and keeping jobs, trouble maintaining routine and organization, and have problems with self-discipline.

ADHD is different for everybody and not everyone has the same symptoms or struggles. Symptoms are different from childhood to adulthood as well. Then there are the issues of gender and hormones but I will save that for another article. Today I will focus on the possible Adult ADHD symptoms.

Problems with social skills and adaptive functions can be very stressful to relationships. Adults with ADHD may have a greater likelihood of family violence, marital discord, dissatisfaction, divorce, multiple marriages and parenting difficulties.

Common work related problems are difficulties with integrating work demands with your personal responsibilities. Adults with ADHD have difficulty planning and creating their own internal structure. Problems with time management, chronic lateness, difficulty completing paperwork and meeting deadlines are very common.

Many times ADHD in adults goes unrecognized and therefore untreated because of other illnesses that can occur along with it. Most often depression and anxiety symptoms are the sole focus of treatment. If the ADHD is not treated at the same time it can contribute to the failure of medication and psychotherapy. Once you are familiar with your specific areas of difficulty you can share them with your doctor and work together to find a solution to all of your problems.

Some Adult Symptoms:
Always on the Go
Inner mental restlessness and fidgeting
Easily bored
Risk taking
Substance abuse

Social problems can lead to:
• antisocial behavior
• possible criminal activity
• poor self esteem

Deficits in self awareness and self regulation
Over scheduling, becoming overwhelmed and difficulty prioritizing
Constant activity can cause family tension
Talks excessively

Low frustration and stress tolerance can lead to:
• losing temper
• irritability
• moodiness
• verbal outbursts
• overreacting to stressful events
• quit jobs
• ending relationships
• drive too fast
• addictive personality
Difficulty sustaining attention
Paralyzing procrastination
Poor time management due to lack of awareness of time

ADHD is not all bad, however; it can be a great gift once you learn how to manage your particular weaknesses. By focusing on your strengths you will find that life can be joyful and much less stressful.

By :Guest Author - Megan Dlugokinski


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